The Growth Marketer's Guide to Customer Engagement

Whether you head growth for your organization or you're looking to build out a growth organization, this is THE can't miss guide. 

Learn how Growth Marketers solve customer retention issues and impact LTV in this ebook.

Delivering a better customer experience is the difference between happy customers and churning customers. For Growth Marketers, long-term success rests in retaining customers and maximizing LTV.

Growth marketers are becoming the rock stars of the modern marketing department. Get the guide that shows you how.

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In this eBook:
  • Learn why Growth Marketing is the key to long-term success.
  • Discover why Customer Experience is the new lever for success for marketing.
  • Understand what Growth Marketing is (and isn't).
  • The Metrics you MUST pay attention to in order to drive retention.
  • Industry Deep Dives with key campaign types.
  • Top Growth Marketing Myths debunked.
Take a peek at what you'll find:
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Learn about common pitfalls marketers make when scaling personalization across channels, and the key types of Triggered campaigns you must be running across multiple channels.

Be the Growth Marketing expert for your organization.

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"Growth Marketing is THE needle mover for any Brand with digital touchpoints with its consumers.  Heretofore a fuzzy concept shrouded in buzzwords, Blueshift's Growth Marketer's Guide to Customer Engagement covers everything from basic definitions all the way to advanced AI powered methods. If you're marketing to consumers, and want to drive delightful engagement at every step of the customer lifecycle, this ebook is a must read."

Brian Monahan - Head of Vertical Strategy, Pinterest

Brian Monahan

Head of Vertical Strategy, Pinterest

No other book gives you these insights. Download now! 

Growth Marketing Defined

  • What is Growth Marketing
  • What Growth Marketing is NOT

Growth Marketing Myths

Customer Engagement + the Growth Marketer

Customer Lifecycle Stages & Engagement

  • Activation
  • Retention
  • Win-back

Measuring Customer Engagement Right

  • Key Metrics by Lifecycle Stage

Industry Deep Dives

  • Retail & E-Commerce
  • Media and Publishing
  • Subscription services
  • Digital Travel

The Role of AI in Customer Engagement

Building the Growth Marketing Organization

Growth Marketing Glossary


Take the Growth Marketing Diagnostic to gain insight into how "Growth-Centered" your marketing stack really is.

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