Become a Personalization Ninja & Delight Every Customer

Only 5% of marketers adequately reach every customer across all channels in a personal, 1:1 interaction. Customers demand it. Marketers must deliver it.

About The Webinar

Becoming the Champion of Personalization...

With the perpetually connected consumer (aka “perpetuals”) comes the ever-increasing need for marketers to reach every customer on the channel they are using in a personal, 1:1 interaction. Unfortunately, according to Econsultancy, only 5% of marketers say they adequately do this. Further, legacy technologies that marketers have at their disposal aren’t built for this level of scalable cross-channel engagement. The consumer has evolved and so must the marketer. 

In this webinar, Brian Monahan, former VP of Marketing for Walmart.com, will present the solution to real-world personalization challenges, including deploying timely messaging and increasing customer engagement, and share what he learned while at Walmart.com.

Brian will share lessons learned about deploying personalized communication across multiple customer touchpoints, from emails, to website, to mobile push notifications, to display advertising. 

You'll Learn

Understand every customer on an individual basis in real-time
Build user graphs that account for the persistent and transient behaviors of consumers
Create rich, aesthetic user-experiences that engage
Deliver timely, consistent messages across multiple channels




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Hear real-world examples of how to overcome pitfalls experienced when scaling personalization.
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About Our Speakers

Brian Monahan
Head of Vertical Strategy
Vijay Chittoor
Co-founder and CEO
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The Path to Behavior Based Personalization

Learn how a small team of modern marketers delivered behavior based personalization across email and mobile and increase revenue by 81%.


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